Who are we, the group of Matter of Color?

We are a living, ever-changing community of almost 120 artists, who share the passion to express ourselves in colors and formless forms;

We paint every week, in the workshop. We dedicate some of our time to learn something new, and most of the time to painting and discussion of its fruits;


We are women and men.

Most of us have passed our 50th birthday, but we do have some young artists among us;

Most of us took part in the art world for many years, but some have just started their journey to find their own way;

Most of us have (or had) successful careers outside the studio, but some of us have turned art into their main profession;

All of us follow Bruria Hassner, the entrepreneur, facilitator and curator of the group, who fills in the classic role of the muse, constantly challenging us with new ideas that broaden the spectrum of artistic expression while pushing us out of our comfort zone.    

                             Contact us at  contact@matterofcolor.net

Who are we?